Riordon vs Reneau

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baby Face vs Reneau - MMA July 25th in Broomfield Colorado! RFA

Maureen Baby Face Riordon takes to the cage again after a long MMA layoff due to injury. Making short work of her opponent at Glory 16, Maureen looks to resubmerge herself in MMA combat. 
This multi talented athlete athlete fights MMA pro vetrain Reneau at 135lbs on July 25th 2014 on the RFA card at the Broomfield Event Center.
Riordon is known for heavy punching power and largely considered a striker, but she's a spider on the ground. Placing 1st and 2nd in 2 separate world grappling compititions, and racking up an impressive 7x Gold in BJJ facing top national competitors. Riordon is one of the most well rounded Sambo and BJJ practitioners on the MMA scene today. Just 3 weeks after Riordon vs Reneau, Baby Face departs for Canada to fight Mrs. Button in an all pro, all female Boxing card. 
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