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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nature's Cure

So what if I could offer you a miracle cure for an entire list of ailments, all without any side effects? It would be hard to turn down, right?  That's why I am especially excited about this week's little tip on nutrition. 

Have you ever heard of all the amazing health benefits of honey and cinnamon?  Well, it's well worth looking into because the list seems to go on and on, so get ready to jump on the band wagon with me!

First of all (and this part is REALLY important so read carefully), this only works with RAW, UNPASTEURIZED honey and CEYLON cinnamon.  This is important because once honey is pasteurized, it loses many of its healing elements.  And as for the cinnamon, the regular cinnamon you find in most cupboards and on most grocery store shelves isn't actually true cinnamon. It's cassia cinnamon, which if taken in abundance is actually toxic to the human system (YIKES!). 

So again, RAW, UNPASTEURIZED honey and CEYLON cinnamon. My suggestion: just buy both of them online in bulk so you can enjoy the savings since these are both about to become a daily staple for you :)

For the most part, you experience all the benefits this powerful duo has to offer by drinking the following tea two to three times per day (however, please note that certain ailments require different dosages of each or call for a different application process, so further research into the particular ailment you are seeking to address is strongly suggested in order to receive the most benefits possible). 

The tea:
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon cinnamon
8 ounces warm water

Simply dissolve the honey and cinnamon into the warm water and enjoy! Please be sure to not use boiling water for the same reason you wouldn't want to use pasteurized honey. Once you begin heating the honey to a boiling point you start altering its properties and in some cases it can be altered for the worse. 

Here are a few things this daily tea can help with:
  • inflammation
  • low energy
  • athletic performance
  • weight loss
  • insomnia
  • colds and coughs
  • ulcers and other GI issues
  • digestion
  • arthritis pain
  • tooth ache
  • hair loss prevention
  • high cholesterol
  • infertility
  • immune system functioning
  • testosterone production
  • stomach cancer
  • bone cancer
  • ...... should I keep going? Or do you get the point? :)
And the best part (aside from the previously mentioned fact that this natural remedy is obviously toxin and side effect free), is in my experience, you start feeling the benefits within the first couple days!

So go buy your raw, unpasteurized honey and ceylon cinnamon, and start experiencing all the benefits this powerful combination has to offer!

***As always, these health/nutrition/fitness tips are advise only and are never meant to replace the advise of your healthcare provider!***

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